Luke Sayer, born in 1993, started tattooing at the age of 19 and, after 4 years, is fast becoming world renowned for his work. Luke is best known for his detailed and intricate tattoos specialising in black and grey realism which has lead him to win multiple awards at conventions including Belfast Titanic, Telford Inkagogo and Cariad ink where he has won best back piece, best realism and best black and grey. Based in the Lake District at Samsara Custom Tattoo, Luke travels the globe tattooing at conventions and guest spots, and has recently spent three weeks in LA working on collaborations and showcasing his artwork with sullen TV.  
A number of his artworks have gained great interest on the internet having a viral impact across social media alongside features in magazines and art exhibitions which has lead to him to receive numerous prestigious sponsorships such as Killer Ink and EZ cartridges.